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About Us


I have been working at creating the idea of BreakThru Boxing for over 20 years. I am happy that what I have to teach people is a way for so many to CHANGE their lives with me. My life has CHANGED in so many ways as well. This idea of BreakThru Boxing has remained a constant in the equation of life. Thank you to everyone who has ever trained me with me along my journey. I have learned from every student I have had throughout my career. Whether those students know it or not,  they were helping the next students as well. As I develop theories and philosophies from those past experiences, they can only go to help more people CHANGE! I will forever be a student of life. It is true life is the greatest teacher of all.

- Coach Curtis         

BREAKTHRU BOXING is the only gym in the 518 that combines STRENGTH and BOXING elements in each class! Join Coach Curtis Groff and learn how to train differently and get the results you are looking for faster!



In every boxing class you're working your whole body by throwing four basic punches, moving your feet like lightning, and keeping stabilized with your core.


Boxing builds a high level of fitness and a deep personal satisfaction. Your body will never get used to our boxing workouts because they’re different every time!


These classes will end up being the most effective hour you'll spend all day on your well-being.

            SPARTAN RACES


Breakthru Boxing encourages everyone

to join our Spartan Team for the next racing season!


Whether you want to race or not, our Spartan training classes offer an opportunity for fitness and agility development with the support and encouragement of Coach Curtis and the Breakthru family. All levels and abilities are welcome!



Join Coach Curtis for the most creative training programs in the area! Learn how to lift and move with proper form to build cardiovascular endurance and get strong!

Our members are fighters, runners, moms, dads, fitness enthusiasts, and kids - all levels are welcome!


Our combination of skill and strength development guarantees you will reach your goals and get results fast!

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